Straipsnis Partizaninio marketingo priemonių tyrimas


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An Examination of Guerrilla Marketing Tools

  • Bibliographic Description: Margarita išoraitė, „Partizaninio marketingo priemonių tyrimas“, @eitis (lt), 2019, t. 1 302, ISSN 2424-421X.
  • Previous Edition: Margarita išoraitė, „Partizaninio marketingo priemonių tyrimas“, Socialinių mokslų studijos, 2013, t. 5, nr. 4, p. 1109–1123, ISSN 2029–2236.
  • Institutional Affiliation: Vilniaus kolegija.

Summary. The article analyzes the theoretical aspects of guerrilla marketing, guerrilla marketing tools and respondent’s opinion about the efficiency of guerrilla marketing tools. Guerrilla marketing tactics are available to any small organization to compete with larger organizations. Small organizations are considered to be closer to clients and pro-active. Guerrilla marketing acts with less money, but requires more mental work. The main goal of guerrilla marketing is to attract the greatest attention of consumers at minimum cost. Brand strength plays particular attention. Guerrilla marketing strategy is based on fantasy, freedom and flexibility. The main guerrilla marketing (tools?) are energy and time. Guerrilla marketing is a marketing strategy, which uses an element of the marketing mix – promotion. Guerrilla marketing company shows the dynamics of creative ideas for unusual methods of places. Its purpose is to delight and inspire the client. Guerrilla marketing innovation and entrepreneurial spirit is most evident in the activities of business. Uniquely designed advertising support focuses not only on transmitting a message to the consumer, but also on ensuring that their message will remain in memory longer. It is important to increase efficiency. The survey results showed that the vast majority of respondents consider guerrilla marketing as public relations campaign, the most effective method to influence consumer’s behavior, sales promotion, non-traditional forms of advertising, competitive advantage, product/service awareness-raising, non-traditional forms of advertising, creative advertising, which requires a small budget. Effective guerrilla marketing forms are the Internet, social networks, advertising signs, free seminars and distributions of samples.

Keywords: guerrilla marketing, viral marketing, marketing, guerrilla marketing tools.