Straipsnis Partinis patronažas Lietuvos viešajame sektoriuje

Party Patronage in the Lithuanian Public Sector

  • Bibliographic Description: Aurimas Zaremba, „Partinis patronažas Lietuvos viešajame sektoriuje“, @eitis (lt), 2018, t. 1 137, ISSN 2424-421X.
  • Previous Edition: Aurimas Zaremba, „Partinis patronažas Lietuvos viešajame sektoriuje“, Viešoji politika ir administravimas, 2017, t. 17, nr. 1, ISSN 1648-2603.
  • Institutional Affiliation: Kauno technologijos universitetas.
Summary: The main issue of this paper is party patronage in Lithuania. Firstly, the phenomenon of party patronage is shortly described focusing on main research questions. Afterwards methodology of semi-structured expert interviews is presented. Lastly this article shows the main findings of party patronage study in Lithuania: party patronage index is constructed, data regarding motivation or party patronage, candidates’ selection criteria, impact of ruling party change on practices of party patronage, party patronage as a part of political culture is presented and analysis of Lithuanian political parties most prone to usage of party patronage is given.

Keywords: party patronage, political parties, public sector.